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1980 + 1982 93rd, Somerset

6+ Acres — 550+ ft Riverfront

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From problem to solution

Concept to product

Examples of products invented by Maxim Hurwicz

More to come!

I wish I could show all my inventions but I can’t until they are patented. It’s a ridiculous situation, but that’s life.

The Grippr dish wand and sponge holder is now available by ordering through Etsy.

Watch the video and you’ll see how handy it is.

The Grippr Dishwand and sponge  Holder™ is simple and elegant, strong and truly useful.

Hang or grab your dishwand or sponge in a second…saves time!

Rotates 360 degrees…your entire sink is always available!

You always know where your dishwand or sponge is…no more searching!

Stores upright…eliminates soap leaks! 

Drains directly into the sink…tidy counters forever!

Adfors ScreenZip Screen Trimming Tool

ScreenZip is a new tool that is specifically designed to make your screen trimming process quick and painless. Available at Home Depot!

The ScreenZIp in action trimming a screen!

Ryobi Power Tracer, circuit breaker locator

RYOBI Power Tracer is the industry’s first all-in-one residential circuit tester and tracer. It allows you to instantly diagnose an outlet’s wiring, as well as trace a circuit breaker with the push of a button. It fits into standard 3-prong, GCFI, and AFCI outlets. Power Tracer has an onboard diagnostics chart and neon indicators that tell you if an outlet is wired correctly or not. But it doesn’t stop there, it can also easily identify unlabeled or mislabeled breakers and trace outlets up to 100 ft. from the breaker box.

The Power Tracer…plug it in, press a button and the circuit breaker is turned off by remote control!

The Gum Popper, blister pack opener

A unique new tool that makes nicotine gum packs easy to open!

Zip a pack through and now you can pop out a piece of gum anytime, anywhere!

Available now at Etsy!

D’Addario TunerUp,  contact guitar tuner

One of the first contact tuners for guitars, the Tune-up turned any regular acoustic tuner into a contact tuner. The concept has been incorporated into many other guitar tuners.

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